Weber propanes grill gets a $100,000 price bump

Weber has announced it will price its propane heating system up to $100 a pound, in what the company says is a move to “deliver more value to our customers”.

The new model, the Weber Propane Grill, will be priced at $129.99 and comes with a full-sized Weber propane burner, six propane tanks and a 20-gallon fuel tank.

The price increase was announced in a statement on the Weber website.

The $129 price is the same as the existing Weber propanes.

The new Weber propans are also said to have a 20 per cent fuel savings, compared with the existing models.

“We’re making a huge investment in improving the efficiency of our products and technology by moving away from traditional fuel cells,” the company said.

The announcement comes after months of pressure on the heating system from the consumer and media, who have been vocal about the fuel savings.

The company had previously announced plans to reduce the fuel consumption of the Weber propaned heaters by a third in the next two years, by using an additive to improve the fuel cell efficiency.

The move is expected to reduce fuel consumption by 10 per cent.

Weber said the company has not changed the fuel-cell technology in its propaned heating system.

It said the $100 price change was aimed at delivering more value for customers.

“A $100 cost per gallon for our fuel cell heating system is a major investment and a significant cost increase for customers,” the statement said.

“With the new price of the Fuel Cell Weber Propaned Heaters, we’re delivering on our commitment to deliver a higher fuel efficiency and a better quality of life for our customers.”

Weber will also be adding new fuel cells to our Propane grill systems to further enhance the efficiency and quality of our product.

“While we are excited to see the fuel cost increase and the new features in our Propanes, we are confident that we will be able to deliver an even better value for our consumers.”

The fuel-powered propane heaters have been popular among outdoor enthusiasts for years, but they have also been a big issue for air quality.

Earlier this year, air quality officials in several cities announced that they had begun a voluntary ban on the use of fuel-driven propane-fired appliances, citing the safety risks of the gas and fumes emitted.

The ban is expected take effect on July 1.