3D Sudoku: Can you make your own 3D games?

A trio of UK universities have created a 3D version of the classic Japanese puzzle game Sudoku using the open source Unity3D tool.

The game is currently available for free download from the Unity website.

In addition to its original Sudoku, the game features a number of other game genres such as strategy and puzzle, as well as several themes.

The University of Nottingham’s 3D model of Sudoku uses the Unity3DS 3D plugin, which allows it to take advantage of the game’s 2D sprite-based animation system.

The software can also automatically generate models for objects such as the tiles and squares that can be placed in the game, according to the university.

The researchers claim the tool can be used to create 3D 3D models of any kind, but this was the first time they’ve used the plugin to create Sudoku models.

A number of Sudokus are currently available in a downloadable game on the Unity platform.

“Sudoku has been used to develop many interesting interactive artworks, and it has a long history of being used as a game development tool,” said co-author Matthew Stoll, a lecturer in computer science at the University of Birmingham.

“We are now using this technology to create the 3D form of the original Sudokumas puzzle.”