Why the US is paying to send out its email on Facebook and Twitter

Posted November 03, 2018 05:10:07With the end of the holiday season and the start of the New Year, the US government is spending a lot of money to send people emails from its servers.

The US government has spent $3.6 billion on sending out its own email over the past year, the White House announced this week.

The total includes about $1.5 billion for emails sent on behalf of the president, including the use of social media to get his message out, and another $700 million for sending emails to employees.

The White House also said the payments help to support the “vibrant” communications of the President and the First Family, which have helped to fuel a robust economy.

The WhiteHouse’s own numbers, released on Wednesday, showed the federal government sent out over 2 billion emails last year, including about a billion in the first half of the year alone.

The federal government has also spent over $2 billion on emails for its diplomatic missions around the world.

The email-spending is part of a broader effort to improve communications across the US, said Matt Miller, the executive director of the nonprofit digital news organization Public Knowledge.

President Donald Trump’s use of his personal Twitter account has been a source of controversy, but it has been unclear exactly how much he is paying for his own emails.

The US government says it spends about $10 million a day on emails sent by its embassy, but that figure does not include all the private messages sent from its embassies.

The Department of State also said it spent about $5 million a week on emails from the embassies.

The United States Postal Service, which is responsible for delivering the mail to the WhiteHouse, said in a statement that the $3 billion is a “significant increase” compared to last year.

It said the agency has already spent about 10 percent of its $1 billion budget on email marketing, including $2.5 million in 2016 and $1 million in 2017.

The Postal Service’s budget for the first six months of the fiscal year was $1,500 per email, or $12,000 a month, or less than one-third of the $6 billion spent in fiscal year 2018.