Mike Weber says he’s not leaving the GOP web site

Mike Weber, the Republican strategist and chairman of the Wisconsin Club for Growth, has left his job at the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

Weber said in a statement that the decision was made after a discussion with the president and vice president.

Weber joined the Wisconsin club in 2014 as a volunteer, but was kicked off the team last year when the group began criticizing Republican governors for their handling of the Great Recession.

The club’s latest issue, titled “The Crisis,” accuses Republicans of failing to do enough to prevent the state’s recovery from taking hold.

“We should have seen it coming,” Weber wrote in a memo to staff Friday.

“Wisconsinites will never forgive Republicans for failing to rescue them from their own failures.

It was never about a candidate, it was about the people who are currently in charge of the state of Wisconsin.”

The Wisconsin Club was founded in 1984 by Weber and a former Republican congressman, Ron Kindt.

The Wisconsin club is one of several conservative organizations that has been criticized for its conservative stances.

In its statement Friday, the Wisconsin Republican Party thanked Weber for his contributions to the party and called him a “world-class political operative” and a “strong leader” who had worked with “top Republicans, governors, and other leaders across the country.”