Tenant web camera, web designer grill in India’s capital leads to eviction

A web camera in the Delhi metro station, which had been used for sharing photos of its owners, has been taken down, with the police announcing that it had been vandalised.

The device, installed by a contractor, had captured images of people using their mobile phones on the metro station’s platforms.

The footage was shared by the contractor on social media and had been viewed more than 300,000 times, police said.

The camera has been replaced with a camera on the side of a road.

The incident took place in the morning and the camera had been there for about two hours before being taken down.

A statement issued by Delhi police said the camera was removed from the station’s platform because it had a camera installed in it.

The police said they had arrested five people on suspicion of uploading the footage on social networking sites.

The camera is part of a broader programme to create awareness among tenants about the security of their property and the safety of the public, they said.