Fox News’s Mike Huckabee is the worst thing to happen to conservative media since George W. Bush

By Steve KopackFox News is the most dangerous thing since the Bush administration, the conservative media powerhouse announced Monday.

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has been in a long-running feud with former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

O’Reilly, a regular guest on Huckabee’s show, called out Huckabee in a segment earlier this year after the former Arkansas governor claimed he could have killed Osama bin Laden.

Huckabee, who is running for the Republican nomination for president in 2016, responded that O’ Reilly was being a hypocrite.

The feud, which started in 2014, has since escalated into a full-fledged war of words, with O’Donnell and Huckabee on different shows.

On Monday, O’Neil said Huckabee’s comments about the al Qaeda leader were “utterly ridiculous.”

“This guy is a liar,” O’Neill said.

“This is a man who lies about everything.

And I’m not going to defend him, because he’s a liar.”

The feud between the two has been simmering for months.

Overnight, Huckabee’s former presidential campaign, The Huckabee Campaign, posted a tweet that said the feud was “unnecessary” and that he had “never been the greatest of friends” with O ‘Reilly.

Opinion writer Matthew Miller tweeted that Huckabee was trying to deflect blame for the feud by claiming he has been “trying to be a friend for years.”

“What’s happened is, it’s been brought to the forefront and, in a way, I’m just trying to defend myself and keep this under wraps,” Huckabee told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday.

“I don’t want to make it look like I’m a victim, I just want to keep it under wraps.

I mean, I’ve never been a good friend of Mike O’Rees and I’ve been trying to be.

He’s a friend, I respect him and I respect Bill O. Reilly.””

He’s trying to keep the feud under wraps, but I know he’s lying about it.

And, in the end, I can’t trust anybody,” O ‘Rees said.HUNT: Are you saying that Bill OReilly was the worse thing to have happened to the conservative press?

O’REE: No, I don’t.

I think it’s the worst.

HUNT : Why?

O ‘Ree said the animosity between the hosts has been brewing for years.

The conflict between the pair began in 2014 when O’Reners show, Hannity & Hannity, took heat from conservatives for a controversial segment in which O’Reilly questioned the motives of people like former President Barack Obama, who O’Neal said was a “mugabe” (leader of a country ruled by dictators).

“It’s a little bit like, you know, the Bush years, the first time, they had a guy named George Bush, and he’s the one who started this whole, you don’t need to talk about the Middle East anymore, and I said this, you go on Fox News, Bill O’s got the last word, and it’s a very aggressive program, and you don.t talk about it,” Oreners said in a 2014 interview with Howard Stern.

“It’s like, well, George Bush did this, and we’ve got to be respectful.

And he said, ‘I think I would rather have the Middle Eastern world on my side than on the other side of the aisle.'”

Hannity &amp.

Hannity took the call back and said that Orener was wrong.

“I think you have to look at the history of this, the history, the people who have been trying, for a long time, to make the Bush presidency look like it was a bad thing,” Hannity said in 2014.

“And Bill O was on Hannity &am.

Hannity in the ’80s.

And they were trying to make Bush look like a bad president.”

Hannities show went on to criticize O’Brien for criticizing the president for invading Iraq.HANNITY: Why did you say that?

Oreners then responded by saying he believed that “the only reason Bush got into office was because of George Bush.”

“But, no, Bill, it wasn’t the fault of George, it was the fault, I believe, of George,” O”Reilly said.”

O”Reiley said that the Bush-era invasion of Iraq was “the best thing to ever happen to conservatism.”””

He said he wasn’t sorry.”HANNITIES: Are we going to have to go back to the ’90s?

O”Reiley said that the Bush-era invasion of Iraq was “the best thing to ever happen to conservatism.””

And Bill, he said it, but Bill, I think that we’ve gone too far.

And the Bush people didn’t like the fact that we didn’t support the