Weber kettle grill sparks ire of locals

An online petition has been launched calling for the Weber kettle grills to be shut down in Maharashtra, the state which has been witnessing an increase in pollution from the heating equipment.

The petition has more than 9,500 signatures.

“Wine and food is not safe.

Our lives are being threatened because of this,” said the petition on

The online petition was launched on Tuesday (October 26) and calls on the state government to ban the Weber heating equipment and the surrounding area.

The grill is used for cooking and is meant to be used by people who have to use public transport.

The government has said it will take up the issue with the Maharashtra State Pollution Control Committee.

The department of environment and forests has already issued an order banning the use of the grill and a number of neighbouring areas have also been declared hazardous waste areas.

The order was issued after the local body of residents complained about pollution levels in their area.