The NFL’s biggest-name Web designers are getting a pay raise

NFL players are getting the highest salaries in the league.

Google and Twitter are getting an increase.

Weber, who was hired by the NFL as a Web designer in 2017, is getting a $300,000 raise.

The move is a good one for Weber because he’s one of the most successful and well-liked Web designers on the planet.

He was hired as a web designer for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2014, where he was named to the league’s Designated Player Advisory Board.

Webers website is considered one of its most well-known.

In the last six years, Weber has become one of Google’s most successful Web designers, with more than 200 million visitors and millions of visits per month.

The company has also become one with Twitter, which has nearly 2.5 million followers on Twitter and is considered a popular Twitter tool.

The two companies recently merged to become Google+ with about 30 million users.

Weber is the only former NFL player who received a raise.

Weberman was fired as a consultant by the Atlanta Falcons in March 2018, but his salary was kept on hold.

Websites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are among the many companies that have offered new or upgraded benefits to their employees.

In 2018, NFL teams were required to pay at least $2.3 million per year in base salary, including benefits, per player.

Weiners new pay raise will be $700,000.

Webin will be eligible for the base salary for 2019 and beyond.

He is also the first former player to be hired to work at Google, joining the company’s Web design team in September.

He will be based in San Francisco.