How to use Google Earth Web App to scan for new species in UK – BBC News

Google Earth has announced that it has developed an app that can be used to scan large amounts of data for new and unusual species.

Google Earth Web app (pictured), which is free, allows users to scan data from Google Earth for new or rare species.

The app will allow users to search for species and species features on the ground as well as on the internet.

The information will be saved for a period of time so that it can be queried later.

The new app is now available for download from Google’s app store and can be downloaded from the Google Earth website.

It can be found here:In the description of the app, Google explains that the information it stores in the app is “generally public domain and free to use for research purposes.

Google has chosen not to publish the content or the data for copyright reasons.”

This news comes after an article on Google Earth, which was published in the journal Science, suggested that the app was a good idea and that it was “not at all unusual for users to find new species and other interesting features on Google earth.”

According to the article, Google Earth users can search for a species or species feature on the planet and then, from there, the information will appear in a search box and then will be automatically indexed by the Google search engine.

It is not yet known how many species Google Earth will scan in its future plans, but the researchers say that the application can scan data for up to 50,000 species.

In a statement on its blog, Google said that it does not know the size of the potential data that the search feature will scan for.

The company did not, however, confirm that the feature will be able to search all the species that have been catalogued on Google.