Tesla is bringing electric gas grill and electric grill parts to the grocery store

Weber electric and gas grill parts are being introduced at a grocery store near you in the coming months, according to a press release from Tesla.

The news comes as Tesla continues to push to get the electric car to the shelves of grocery stores across the country.

The company has announced it will introduce two electric grill and two gas grill options in the U.S. over the next few months.

The electric grill will be available in the grocery stores of the following cities: Boston, Charlotte, Denver, Hartford, Houston, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Raleigh-Durham, San Antonio, Seattle, and Tampa.

The electric grill is expected to be available at Walmart, Costco, and Kroger.

The gas grill is available in grocery stores in several other cities: Austin, Buffalo, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Detroit, Fort Worth, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Louisville, Miami, New York, Oklahoma City, Orlando and San Diego.

The Tesla electric grill can be used as a grill on the grill inside the vehicle and as a standard grill inside a vehicle as well.

The grill will feature an adjustable distance between the top and bottom of the grill, so it can be hung or set up to either the side of the vehicle or the front of the truck.

Tesla is offering a range of different sizes and colors of the electric grill options, but we expect the prices to be competitive with other options on the market.

For more information on the Tesla electric and electric vehicle grill options visit Tesla’s website.